At Kyros Professionals we are focused on achieving the best levels of service for our clients.  We have a strong background in accounting, tax and payroll in addition to excellent skills in advisory services such as change management, company structure, communication and policies.

We know and understand that you need:

  • cost effective solutions to your accounting and tax reporting obligations which is why we offer fixed fee services.
  • to get your bookkeeping completed so you know where your company stands…… but that you also need to be out there completing the jobs to make the money.  This is why we offer bookkeeping on a monthly fixed fee service (dependent on the number of transactions).
  • We know that it is tiresome to work out who has paid you and who has not…. Let us handle your credit control.

At Kyros we have one overarching principle, we believe the money you make belongs in your bank account and it is our mission to ensure that we enable you to keep as much of your earnings as possible to enable you to grow your business (or to buy that car!).